Screw Warranty

Tri-Fixx® Self Drilling Screws

Tri-Fixx® warrants the range of carbon steel Self Drilling Roofing and Cladding Screws are manufactured to the specifications of Australian Standard AS3566.1-2002. Tri-Fixx® guarantees the structural integrity of the screw coating system against the effects of corrosion in accordance with the Tri-Fixx® Selection Guide table. Warranty periods for different screw coatings are determined with reference to AS4312:2008 and International Standard ISO 9223:2012(E). Tri-Fixx® screw coating warranty covers the structural integrity of the screw from the date of installation and does not include aesthetic appearance of the screw coating.

Under this warranty, Tri-Fixx® undertakes to supply equivalent screws at no cost, to replace any defective screws provided that:

  1. The screws have been installed correctly by use of a screw gun, in a suitable environment recommended by Tri-Fixx®. Refer to Tri-Fixx® Selection Guide table.
  2. Screws must be used with compatible roofing/cladding and substrate materials. Refer to roofing/cladding manufacturer and Bluescope Steel Technical Bulletin TB-16.
  3. Screws are head marked with the relevant Tri-Fixx® head mark. Fasteners in sheltered areas (fascia, cladding under eaves etc) that are not exposed to general rain washing are washed six monthly as a minimum, or three monthly in coastal areas. Refer Bluescope Steel Technical Bulletin TB-4.
  4. Any warranty claim must be made in writing and is conditional upon inspection by Tri-Fixx® before any action is taken.
  5. This warranty is not transferable from the original owner.


All conditions and warranties expressed or implied by the common law equity trade custom or usage or otherwise howsoever are hereby expressly excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law. Where so permitted the liability of Tri-Fixx® Pty Ltd for a breach of condition or warranty that cannot be excluded is limited by Tri-Fixx® Pty Ltd to the replacement of any defective screws. So far as the law permits, Tri-Fixx® Pty Ltd shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for any indirect or consequential loss or loss of profit including in particular but not limited to any loss by reason of delay, defective or faulty materials or workmanship, negligence or any act or matter or thing done permitted or omitted by Tri-Fixx® Pty Ltd.

Effective December 2018

This warranty is issued
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